Visions Golf, LLC, owners of Walden Lake Golf & Country Club has filed for rezoning of a portion of the golf courses for future development with the City of Plant City. This has become the best course of action for Visions Golf to make Walden Lake a successful Golf & Country Club operation. It will take millions in renovations, debt relief and provisions of capital resources for operations. Our plan is to raise capital through the development of a portion of the Club's property for residential use and club amenities. The proceeds from the land sales will fund the extensive renovation of 18-holes of the golf courses to include the current back nine of the Lakes and Hills courses, along with a par 3 executive course or Golf Training Academy designed from the current Lakes course holes 4 through 8. Plans also include a new clubhouse and complete renovation of the club amenities (tennis courts, fitness center & pool). We are doing what we think will be best for our business and the community. The result will be a quality facility in which the community will be proud and use to its fullest, which will create a sustainable business, and which will ultimately increase the overall value of the properties located in Walden Lake.


Updated: 6/14/2016

Project:          Walden Lake Golf & Country Club Redevelopment and Renovation
Location:        2001 Clubhouse Drive
                        Plant City, FL  33566
Summary:       To revitalize Walden Lake Golf & Country Club as a superior golf course and cultivate the community as a more beautiful, thriving and vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Plant City. Proposed redevelopment includes approximately 122 acres of the 304-acre golf course. Introducing new residential products to the community, restoring the golf course and improving amenities will increase existing home values while generating additional Homeowner Association funds for benefit of the entire Walden Lake community.
Benefits:        Restoring the golf course and amenities involves a major financial commitment of millions in new construction, renovations, enhancements and ongoing maintenance. Sustainable financial funding and capital resources for operations are needed to provide the necessary positive outcomes. Renovations will be funded, in part, by land sale proceeds. Generating new sources of capital is critical in order to attract the caliber of residential, golf, & amenities partners that will create sustainable businesses and services.


Visions Golf will place a development restriction in PERPETUITY on all of the remaining golf property including the Back of the Lakes, Back of the Hills and
holes 4-8 of the Lakes.
Contingent on rezoning, improvement plans for the 122-acre redevelopment area include new construction, renovations, added amenities and ongoing maintenance.
Planned enhancements may include

- Extensive green space and conservation area
  • Approximately 25 acres dedicated to landscaped buffers, new and existing retention areas and lush landscaping
  • Current conservation areas will remain with additional public open green space and parkland
- Construction of new residences by leading builders, similar in value to neighboring communities
  • Up to 146 distinctive single-family homes
  • Up to 216 multi-family homes, such as condominiums, villas and townhomes
  • The City approved Community Unit zoning for Walden Lake currently permits a maximum of 4,558 units to be developed. The Visions Golf rezoning application requests approval to utilize up to 400 units of the 1,669+/- units previously approved by Plant City for development in the community but have not been built.  
- Golf course renovated to a superior condition
  • Revitalized 18-hole golf course that includes the current back nine of both the Lakes and Hills courses
  • A 5 hole short course for practice or some quick golf by retaining the current Lakes holes 4 through 8.
  • Freshly paved cart paths and stone bridges
  • New fairway turf, green surfaces, and tee boxes
  • Renovations to on-course amenities including restrooms, wooden walls and ball washers
- Country Club renovations proposed to better serve community
  • New construction and renovations to clubhouse area
  • Removing existing clubhouse and construction of new clubhouse located adjacent to fitness and pool structures
  • Dining and golf shop at clubhouse
  • Catering and banquet space for parties, receptions, social gatherings and other personal and community events
  • Social events and programs
  • Improved fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Renovated pool, pool deck and seating area
  • Upgrades to tennis facility
Added Value:
  • A well-conditioned, redesigned and modernized golf course is more valuable to the community than the course in its current condition
  • Additional money into community coffers from Homeowner Association dues will be utilized to fund improvements and renovations
Economic Impact:
  • More than 40 new permanent jobs and more than $1 million in annual wages will be created in new golf course and club operations.
  • Over $20 million in construction wages generated during project construction (number based on 1/3 cost of housing construction)
  • Local business and subcontractors involved
  • Plant City will realize millions of dollars in fees and new property taxes toward the City’s budget ($66 million in new property value equals about $2 million annually in property taxes)
  • More than $100,000 per year in additional Master HOA dues from new homeowners for community improvements at the HOA’s discretion (current Master HOA fees are $450+- annual, with 300+- new homes that would eventually equal $135,000 per year)
  • Increased connectivity between communities with additional pedestrian and bicycle pathways
  • According to a Traffic Impact Analysis study conducted for the City of Plant City, Jan. 2015: “Due to the minimal expected impact generated by the proposed development traffic, no mitigation efforts are recommended at this time.” Sprinkle Consulting, Jan. 2015
  • Community will remain well below the approved plan for residential units; therefore, no additional transportation improvements beyond what Visions Golf had already proposed in the rezoning application are required.
Environmental Considerations:
  • Foraging area to be created for wading birds
  • Island in Laurel Lake to remain preserved area
  • Study on habitat and flora confirmed there would be no impact on wildlife and fauna as area has been an active golf course
 Education Consideration
  • The agency review report from the Hillsborough County Public Schools shows adequate capacity for the children that the new development will generate.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be generated in fees and taxes from the development to support the area schools.
Owner:           Visions Golf, LLC       

Below is an example of the Buffers that are proposed to be utilized between the existing homes and the new homes.

  • NO Apartment Complexes-  There will be NO apartment complexes built on the property. The term as used in the PD matches the Multi-family definition in the City Code. The development will consist of condominium style attached units, townhomes, villas or even single family.  We have made this a condition for the approval of the rezoning.
  • NO 3 Story Homes, Townhomes, Condominiums or Villas - All construction is limited to two (2) livable floors. We have made this a condition for approval of the rezoning.


City Staff recommends APPROVAL

City Staff Review

Visions Golf 4-1-16 Plan

Visions Golf removes ALF from Development plans 3/29/16 

Visions Golf submits revised Walden Lake Rezoning Plan 3/4/16

Visions Golf submits revised Walden Lake rezoning plan
to City of Plant City 2/3/2016

Villages of Walden Lake PD 2/4/16

Tampa Tribune article 2/5/16

Professional Golf Global Group, LLC takes over operations of Walden Lake Golf & Country Club

Visions Golf files for Lawsuit Dismissal 

Motion for Awarding Attorney fees

Motion for Sanctions

Motion to Dismiss 9-17-15




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